Condensors (large/small diaphragm)

Bees Neez Elly
Large diaphragm fixed cardiod fet mic, I love to use it on male (darker) vocals and snare/overheads.

Bees Neez lulu X 2
Pencil mics, great on overheads and surprisingly good for room mics.

Audio Technica atm-450
Great side address pencil. Love on saxophone, acoustic bass, guitar cabs and tom bottoms.

U87 clone
Can’t even remember where this came from, but speaks for itself.

Red 12, 12 gauge
Shotgun shell condensor, great for an overhead, room, and awesome for metallic guitar tones.

MXL V67i Tube

I use this for room and sometimes woodwind.


Electro-voice RE-20
Bread and butter kick, vox and cabs.

Broadcast microphone that I like on hats, brass and vox.

SM57 X 8
These get used on anything.

Heil PR28
Good little mic with clips for tom bottoms and I also like them on harmonica.

Heil PR20

Good handheld 58-esque vocal mic, gets smashed as a room or for backing female vox.

Heil PR48
Intended use is as an outside kick mic but I use it religiously on bass cabs.

Heil PR30
Sorta like a 57 but without the overwhelming proximity boost, has a tighter low end and is generally more hifi.

Beyerdynamic M55

Weird little esoteric thing that is good for flute and smaller brass instruments, sometimes large guitar cabs.